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    Meet the Affordable Alternative to Uber – Via

    June 23, 2016

    If you are tired of Uber and looking for a new ride service app to try, consider Via. And in true Tried Guide fashion, we’ll even give you a Via promo code for a $10 credit to get started!

    I was introduced to Via a few weeks back. Essentially, it’s a ride share app and similar to UberPool – you’ll get paired with other people heading in the same direction and share a ride with them.

    The best part – rides are super cheap. You can go anywhere from South Ferry to 125th Street for a flat $5. If it’s later on a weekend night (from 9pm – midnight), rides are $5.95. If you are traveling with a friend, they will ride for half-price but you’ll have to add a +1 to the app. Note at this point, they cannot be dropped off at a different location on the way.

    I gave Via a try a few weeks back (coincidentally, that same night I witnessed someone get hit by a car and my Via driver was kind enough to get out of his car to help). Like Uber, I indicated where I was thanks to my phone’s location, requested a car, and was told who my driver would be. I indicated where I was going (to Harlem 125th from 86th and York). No one else claimed the same route, so I was able to ride in the car myself.

    There are two downsides of Via that I should share with you though. First, it has limited operating hours – Monday through Friday from 6am to midnight, Saturdays from 10am-midnight, and Sundays from 10am to 9pm – then again, I haven’t been out past midnight since my bachelorette, so not a huge problem for me. The service is also in Chicago too FYI, but Monday – Friday from 6:30am – 9pm. While you will get a $10 credit for signing up using my Via promo code, after your code runs out, you have to refill your credit, otherwise you are subjected to a $2 surcharge per ride. Still, $7 from downtown to uptown is unheard of.

    If you are interested in trying Via, you can download for iPhone or Android, and after you sign up, in the promo codes section, add my Via promo code, laura2f5, to get $10 in credit.

    Have you tried Via yet? What do you think?

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