Inspired Cases Offers Cute and Affordable Phone Cases

    August 22, 2016
    Inspired Cases Floral

    If you are thinking it’s time to upgrade your cell phone case, consider checking out Inspired Cases. This cell phone case company offers cases for Samsung and Apple phones and Apple tablets.

    Last week I tried Inspired Cases for the first time. What I love about the company is:

    • Affordablility: Cases are $15 and 99 cents to ship. At this rate, you can afford a case for every holiday (yes, there are holiday cases!).
    • Easily Searchable: I cannot believe I’m admitting this but I’ve spent hours searching for the perfect phone case before. Inspired Cases does a great job organizing the different cases by categories. I didn’t want anything too personal, but clicked on patterns and quickly found a case I liked.

    inspired cases

    • Tons of Designs: You’ll always find something you like on Inspired Cases with new designs added weekly. If not, share with them what inspires you, and they’ll design a case!

    Above you’ll see the case I picked – it is bright pink with purple and blue flowers. I picked this case because I like having something bright in my purse (makes it easier to find!). The flowers are a little raised, and I like that I can feel the texture, instead of it being just a print.

    Some of My Favorite Cases:


    Loved the colors of the Flower Zentangle Pattern! My only hesitation was this would probably get super dirty in my purse (thanks to a variety of pens and lipsticks).

    Inspired2Retro cases for cassettes may be the norm, but this is the first time I spotted a VHS case! As a child of the 80s, this is super fun.



    This case is perfect for the donut lover. There are a few girls in my office who would love to have this one!


    One of my clients has a case with this saying and I love it. As a short girl, definitely thought about rocking this one.


    There were some great images in the Oh the Places You’ll Go section of San Francisco, Paris and New York. If these cities hold a special place in your heart, these cases can serve as a great reminder.

    What cases do you like?

    Disclosure: I received a free case from Inspired Cases in exchange for this review. 


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