5 Things to Know About Thirty-One

    May 23, 2016

    Despite being a 10-year-old company, in the last six months I started seeing the retailer Thirty-One Gifts all over the place. My cousin started as a consultant selling products for the company, my aunt purchased a few items for us for Christmas (yay, travel cases for all my beauty products) and our next door neighbors may have accidentally shipped their package from Thirty-One to our house instead.

    So what’s Thirty-One and why is the universe finding a way for me to take notice of this company? Thirty-One sells everything from jewelry, to purses to stationary. Here’s what I uncovered about the brand.

    1. Thirty-One Gifts is the Third-Largest Party Plan Company in the US. If you haven’t heard of a party plan company, think Mary Kay and Tupperware, where your friends may host parties and do direct sales. Thirty-One actually falls behind these two companies, and has grown #3 in the last two years. The number of consultants, or sales people, has grown to 130,000. If you are thinking of supplementing your income and looking to do some direct sales on the side, Thirty-One is definitely growing and a good company to get behind.
    2. Products with a Purpose. Sure, you can buy a pretty purse anywhere, but I like that a lot of the products at Thirty-One have a functional element behind them. There’s this cute Tote-Alley Thermal that can not only keep a picnic cool, but double as a purse. There’s a Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote that I’m ready to leave in my car with all my necessities. And don’t get me started on all the canvas bins!
    3. Tailored Items to You. Thirty-One offers a ton of different prints and you can customize like crazy! Prints change from season to season, so keep checking the website – you may see new styles come in and out. My traveler case is even monogrammed with my new initials! One of my favorite things you can personalize right now are throw pillows. I love things where you can show a little hometown pride, and you can customize these pillows with your home state – perfect if you are a transplant.
    4. Feel Good about Shopping – Thirty-One Gives Back. Thirty-One has a selection of products called Thirty-One Gives Back. For every product purchased, 31 cents is donated to charity to support women, girls and families. To date, $80 million has been donated. You can shop for a cause here.
    5. Thirty-One’s Founder is a Badass. Forbes put together a list of 8 self-made women to watch. On the list was Taylor Swift, Sandra Bullock and Cindy Monroe. Cindy who? Cindy Monroe, the CEO of Thirty-One. Right next to these household names. In the words of Taylor, it’s clear that Cindy is fearless.

    Want to see what the buzz about Thirty-One is all about? Check out the company here.

    Disclosure: Links to Thirty-One feature my cousin’s affiliate link. My cousin, Katy Weaver, is a teacher, mom to three amazing girls and an independent consultant for Thirty-One. The views expressed on this blog are mine alone and do not represent the views of Thirty-One Gifts.  And yes, a neighbor’s Thirty-One package did arrive at my door so the universe is truly telling me something.

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