How to See if Your State Owes Money to You

    April 20, 2017

    Did you know that your state may be holding on to money in your name? Banks, cable companies, insurance companies, etc. are required to share information about dormant accounts to the state. While these companies will try to notify you, if you can’t be reached, your money is turned over to the state.

    So how can you find out if your state has your money? About two weeks ago I visited the website for New York’s state comptroller. This office handles these funds, but each state is different. For example, in Connecticut, these funds are controlled by the state treasurer.  You can find which office manages these unclaimed funds in your state here. Finding out though if you are owed money is easy! Simply type in your first and last name.

    You’ll then see if your name matches any of your previous addresses. While I struck out with my married name, I found that I was owed funds under my maiden name, matched to my address from 2010-2013. Apparently, Time Warner had owed me money!

    After clicking on my name, I was prompted to share my social security number and current address. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how much I was owed after filling the form out, but a check for $36.18 appeared in my mailbox two weeks after.

    I encourage you to check with your state and see if you are owed any money. Remember to check previous states you lived in, too!



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