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Welcome, 89th and Broke Readers!

November 9, 2015

I’ve mentioned over at 89th and Broke that changes were coming, and I’m very proud to introduce you to a little something I’ve been working on for the past two months – Tried Guide.

I started 89th and Broke when I was 23 years old – I was an account executive, working at a PR firm, paying way too much for a closet-sized bedroom on the Upper East Side. And then, the recession hit, and all of a sudden, it felt that free happy hours, national food days and Groupons were the way to survive in New York. I was excited to share my findings with you all.

Times have changed – I got married and sometimes prefer to stay in with my husband than head across town for a free drink.  I stopped dining out four times a week and learned how to cook, and get excited to try new recipes.  I still consider myself broke, but it’s because I’m preparing to pay a mortgage when I move to the ‘burbs next winter (don’t worry, I’ll still be commuting into the city so I’ll be sharing my favorite Broadway shows and spots).

The bad news is Tried Guide won’t be a blog of daily deals. If you are looking for event and cheap NYC listings, I highly recommend you read my friends over at The Skint. The good news is for all my friends who have moved out of the city, whether to NJ or to San Francisco, there will be a little bit more content for you and your neighbors.

I hope as I enter the next chapter of my life, you’ll join me on this journey. Our Twitter and Facebook handles are being switched over, and you can subscribe to receive a weekly digest of emails or follow along on Bloglovin’.  Welcome to Tried Guide, and thanks for being a loyal 89th and Broke reader!

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