Three Apps to Save on Groceries

April 20, 2016

Since I look for literally any way to save money, I’d love to be more dedicated to cutting coupons, but I don’t have the time to price match. Instead, my grocery savings strategy since we moved has been:

1). Only shop what’s on sale: I read the flyers/use the grocery store apps to see what items are on sale for the week, and try to buy in bulk. Previously, I used to be the shopper who would buy based on my cravings – if I wanted chicken fajitas, I’d buy chicken at $4.99 a lb. Now, I will buy chicken only when it’s on sale, and if I want chicken fajitas on a non-sale week, I can only rely on what’s in the freezer or it’s back to the drawing board.

2). Start couponing: While I haven’t paid for our newspaper, it has magically appeared on our doorsteps a few weekends. When that happens, I will cut coupons and try to use them if we need a particular item. I also have learned places like ShopRite also have digital coupons you can add to your card, so be sure to check out your local grocery store’s website.

And then there’s the other strategy I love with couponing – the coupon apps you used after you make a purchase for possible additional cash back. I posted this post originally back in October, but since then, one of the apps I recommended changed  and I’ve fallen in love with a new app – ibotta.

If you forget to bring your coupons to the grocery store or aren’t going to be printing them off the internet anytime soon, there are still ways to save that probably take about 3 minutes a week – the coupon apps. And they work – I’ve been using ibotta since February, and have made $25.50, which I can cash out via Paypal or exchange for gift cards (and it helps you get a $10 bonus to start after you use your first coupon if you sign up here).

Here are my go to grocery store apps:

  1. ibotta:Any time you make a purchase at certain retailers, when you head home, scan your receipts for additional savings. For example, I went to BJ’s this weekend and bought beer for a party. When I came home, I saw I could get $3.50 back on Bud Light. All I had to do was click to unlock the coupon, scan my case of beer and take a photo of the receipt. That’s it! Same goes for products at the grocery store (like my ShopRite) where I can get additional savings on buying tomatoes or milk by simply unlocking the coupon and snapping the receipt. As I said, since I started beginning of February, I’ve made $25.50, which I can cash out via Paypal or use to get a gift card – plus if you use my sign up code, hpnzg, you’ll get $10 after you get your first coupon (disclosure: I’ll get $5, but you can refer your friends too!).
  2. Checkout51: With Checkout51, you do not have to fumble at the grocery store checkout line or drugstore with coupons. Instead, just buy your products. When you get home, check out which items you purchased, and scan your receipt in. You’ll then get cash back, and when you hit $20, you’ll receive your money. Every Thursday there are different offers for the week, and so far, I’ve even saved money on fruit, milk and eggs. Last week for example, bananas were listed on Checkout51. I purchased them at the grocery store, came home and took a photo of the receipt using the Checkout51 app and selected that I purchased bananas. I got 25 cent deposited into my account – I know, not a lot but it adds up over time. Currently, I have $13.76 in my account and can check out at $20.
  3. ReceiptHog: No matter if you go to Old Navy, CVS or your grocery store, simply open the ReceiptHog app, and snap a picture of your receipt. You can snap up to 20 receipts per week. You’ll earn coins for every receipt you snap and sometimes you’ll earn a chance to play the slots to get bonus coins. Once you have coins, you can then redeem them for rewards, like money to Paypal or Amazon. I currently have 943 coins – when I reach 1000, I can get $5 to Amazon or Paypal.

I know the money doesn’t seem like a lot, but I believe every bit truly helps. Plus, all it takes me is about 3 minutes when I come home to snap my receipts and click what I’ve purchased. What grocery store apps do you use?

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  • Reply Alicia November 10, 2015 at 1:06 am

    I just tried Checkout51 and it was actually kind of fun. I got 50 cents for buying bread. I never remember to bring/use coupons so this seems like a good way to go.

    • Reply Laura November 10, 2015 at 2:58 am

      Ah! I love it. I’m not making millions from it by any means, but definitely an easy way to get cashback. Where you are you might be eligible for iBotta too – it’s more chain stores.

  • Reply Laurie November 14, 2015 at 9:34 am

    I use the American express card to get 6% back on groceries. It has an annual fee of 75.00 but definitely worth it to me. Amex doesn’t give cash back but rather a statement credit.

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