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October 10, 2016
I think I knew I was pregnant for about 15 minutes before I said to my husband, “we need to think about baby names!”

While I’ve been quiet about divulging our favorites, I’ve been thinking about names religiously for the last 17 weeks.

When I shared my news on Friday, immediately my friend texted me asking me about the “Tinder for Baby Names” I mentioned in my post. If you know someone pregnant, this baby name app is a must.

We all probably have a few names we have said aloud that we will totally name our kids one day. For me, I dreamed of names likeย Colby, Brie and Jack, after my favorite cheeses. My husband I learned after a few dates, prefers more traditional, non-dairy names. I decided to keep him anyways, despite crushing my cheesy dreams.

Enter BabyName. BabyName is an app for Android and iPhone that syncs up with your partner. Swipe left for names you hate, right for names you like and you are alerted when there is a match. You can look at names for both genders, or look at gender specific names.

My husband felt this app was perfect for early name negotiation. Unlike when we actually had a convo about a specific name, he felt more comfortable crushing my dreams via the app. In-person he said it was much hard to say he didn’t like a name when I seemed so passionate about it (RIP Benton).

Have you used any apps to find baby names? What are your favorites?

Not ready to use this tool now? Save for later!
This app is essentially Tinder for baby names. Swipe left for the ones you hate, right for the ones you like - and it alerts you when you and your partner have a match. -

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