Three Games that Will Be a Hit at Your Next Bachelorette Party

September 14, 2016

While my bachelorette party days have slowly wined down, when I think back on all the parties, we had a ton of fun. From trips to Mexico, to beer Olympics in the Poconos to dancing with inflatable instruments at a NYC bar, it was a blast.

At every bachelorette, games are often played to break the ice. Here are three of my favorite bachelorette games:

The Scavenger Hunt – Best for Bars

If you are planning on having a bachelorette party out on the town, the scavenger hunt is key. Throughout the night, you’ll look for the bride to take a photo with a man walking her down the aisle, a guy with a tattoo and more.  Funny enough, this scavenger hunt was initially created by a few guy friends, but has made its way to countless parties. To complete the tasks, we played this a number of ways. At one party, each guest was assigned one task to help the bride complete. Yes, I encouraged my best friend to tickle a man’s mustache. At another, a few girls took charge and found the guys to complete the challenges. Not only is it a great way to meet people, but there will be some fantastic photos! You can also customize the scavenger hunt for the bride. A friend recently customized the hunt for a bride by making it specific to her college town (e.g. find a guy from Boston).

Photo with a group of 10 men? Check.

Photo with a group of 10 men? Check.

Two Truths and a Lie – Best for Parties with Friends From All Over

My bachelorette had friends from college, work, and those I met through my husband. To break the ice, my bridesmaids asked all of my friends to come prepared with two truths and a lie – about our friendship or a story about me. Each guest read their truths and a lie aloud, and then the crowd guessed which was the lie. My friends of course, took the opportunity to roast me a little bit, but it made for a great time to relive stories and allow all the guests to really get to know the other attendees and how they knew the bride.

The two truths and a lie crew who made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

The two truths and a lie crew who made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

The Noun Game – Best for Close Groups of Friends

Some bachelorette parties may be a close group of people where everyone is friends with one another. If so, the noun game is right up your alley. While we have played at a bachelorette before, this is a game my former coworkers and I play every Friendsgiving. It’s a great time to relive inside jokes that have kept your friendship alive for years.

To start, you’ll want to write 10 nouns on scraps of paper. We’re pretty liberal with this rule and include pronouns, phrases, etc. You’ll sit in a circle, and every other person is on the same team.  Fold each noun in half and place all nouns in a bowl.

How to Play the Noun Game

Player 1 will start, and see how many nouns she can describe that her teammates accurately guess in one minute. For each correct noun that team gets a point. Remove the nouns from the game after each turn – but don’t throw them out. We then move to the next player on the other team, and go around the circle. After round 1, tally up the scores and place all nouns back into the bowl.

Round 2 starts, played the same way as round 1, with each player having a minute to describe the noun. This time though, you can only use one word to describe the noun on the piece of paper. You may have a word used from the round before, or you can have a totally new word which makes it super challenging. Place all the nouns at the end of the round back in the bowl.

Round 3 starts, played just like rounds 1 and 2, but this time you have to act out the word. At the end of the game, the team with the most points win.

Caryn (in blue) introduced us to the noun game.

After playing the noun game for almost – gasp – 9 years, we’ll find the same words tossed in year after year. I’m guaranteed to find my friend’s grandmother’s name in the bowl, or a friend’s dog, or an inside joke from a trip to the beach 8 years ago (tiny towel). If you have a close group of friends playing, everyone will relive the memories and die laughing. Better yet, tweak this game and make every noun related to the bride – just see if she catches on.

What games are your favorite to play at bachelorette parties?

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