The Best Money Making Apps – How I Made $1240.96

November 21, 2016

The Internet can be a glorious thing. Yes, there are plenty of ways to make money off of it from apps and websites. You just need to know where to look. And while there are plenty of apps that give away credit for referring friends, nothing is better than cold, hard cash.

I’m a sucker for a list of “top money making apps” but my gripe is often folks don’t disclose how much they’ve earned and over what time period. Did it take years to accumulate a few hundred bucks or was this just over the last week?

Well, I’m here to share the truth of what I’ve earned thanks to these websites and apps. Hopefully, I don’t forget any major ones but hey, that’s what update posts are for, right?

Cashback Sites

The easiest way I earn a few extra bucks is with cashback sites like Ebates. Ebates has hundreds of online retailers listed on its site. Before I do any shopping, I log on to Ebates, search for retailers such as Macy’s or Old Navy, and click through Ebates to go to my shopping destination. Retailers offer anything from 1 – 5% cashback, and the amount of cashback varies throughout the year. Once I make a purchase, I’ll receive a check every quarter with my savings.

Total earned to date:$787.01 since May 24, 2010

Sell Your Old Electronics

Have an old phone lying around your house? Sell it. But you don’t have to be bothered with using Craigslist or eBay. Someone else can do the work for you. Meet Gazelle. Indicate the type of electronics you have and the condition, and you’ll get a quote for how much money you can get. You’ll then receive a pre-paid shipping label only if your item is valued more than $0. Pop your electronics in a box and you are good to go.

Total earned to date: $42 for one sold phone, $247.80 for a second sold phone, with a grand total of $289.80

Sell Your Old Clothes

Have a ton of clothes in your closet you aren’t wearing? I used to sell clothes on eBay, but lately, could not be bothered. Now I let ThredUp do the work for me. With ThredUp, request a cleanout bag, and you’ll get one sent your way. Fill it with clothes, send it in, and ThredUp will determine what they think they can sell. You’ll get paid, and the clothes that they can’t sell will go to charity. A win-win.

Total earned to date: $11.30 on one bag of clothes, $49.78 on my second bag of clothes, and $19.70 on a third, for a grand total of $80.15.

Get Paid for Dining Out

Recently I discovered the app Servy. Find a participating restaurant and check-in via the app.Follow the instructions (e.g. spend a certain amount) and enjoy your meal. Snap the receipt and answer a few questions about the atmosphere, food, and service. And then you’ll start earning cash!

Total earned to date: $22, completed my first review on 10/26/16.

Use Coupon Apps

I am terrible at using coupons, but I am good about using coupon apps after I go grocery shopping. While you can certainly use these apps to help inform your list, I’m more of a “go shop, and see how I can save after” type of person when it comes to coupon apps. With any of these apps, simply shop, check off the products you purchased and prove it by scanning the barcode and the receipt.

Total earned to date: $39 with Ibotta (used since February 2016), $5 with Receipt Hog and $18 with Checkout 51 (used both since 2014) for a grand total of $62.

What are your favorite money making apps? Comment below – I’d love to give them a try. 

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A list of the best money making apps! To date, I've made almost $1250. - Triedguide.com

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