How to Save Money on Booze with the App bevRAGE

February 27, 2017

I’ll admit it – I still haven’t had a drink since our son was born. But, after 15 years of drinking, I know it can be expensive. That’s why I’m sharing this secret – how to save money on booze with the app BevRAGE.

We entertained family this past week and wanted to make sure we had some beer in the house. With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, my husband just had to buy the Saranac Irish Roots 12-pack at Stop and Shop. I couldn’t have been happier – this meant I was able to do a bevRAGE app review (and yes, keep reading for a bevRAGE app promo code!)!

How to Save Money with bevRAGE: App Review

bevRAGE is similar to some of my favorite grocery store apps. I downloaded theapp and input my zip code. Fromthere, I was able to view offers at stores or at bars and restaurants. I could search offers by beer, wine, spirits, and mixers. We’re beer drinkers and saw we could save $3 off a Sam Adams Rebel IPA 12-pack or a Heineken 12-pack. I liked though you could save on any 6, 12 or 24-pack. We took advantage of the save $1.50 on any 12-pack with our Saranac purchase.

I clicked the offer, hit redeem now and simply took a photo of our grocery store receipt.

When I looked at the wine category, I noticed it was similar to the beer category. You could save on certain brands, but also had the option to get $1 off any box of wine or bottle of red. Spirits and mixers required specific brands.

If you frequently dine out, check out the bars and restaurants portion of the app. You can save $4 on a bottle or draft of Heineken, or $1 off any domestic bottle, import draft or light beer draft. Wine drinkers can save $1 on a glass of red, pinot grigio or prosecco, while those who like liquor can get $1 off a tequila or vodka drink. You can also save by ordering certain brands. To redeem the offer, you’ll simply need to snap a photo of your receipt. Make sure to ask for a receipt from your bartender!

What I liked about bevRAGE is you can get paid immediately. By opting for Paypal, I received $1.50 in 48 hours. If you prefer a check, you’ll need to earn $20 first in order to be paid. As I always say, every little bit helps!

bevRAGE Promo Code

Want to give bevRAGE a try? You’ll earn $2 when your first offer is redeemed with my code, TRIEDGUIDE. In full disclosure, I’ll get $2 too!

What are your favorite ways to save money on alcohol? In addition to bevRAGE, I often use iBotta to save on beer I purchase at the grocery store. You can read my review on iBotta here!

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