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what to watch on netflix this month

3 TV Shows to Add to Your Netflix List

Don’t ask me what planet I was living on, but I thought on my maternity leave I’d have time to tackle projects. Maybe order our wedding photos. Finally frame photos in our home. Finally get to organizing a closet. Make some of those recipes…

March 23, 2017

5 Star Wars Gift Ideas, Curated by a Fan

Star Wars is a movie that means a lot to our family. Just like  Stella in How I Met Your Mother, I never saw any of the movies. Then, I met my husband. While I had no desire to see them, he insisted he wouldn’t…

December 15, 2016

Why I’m Voting For the First Time This Election Day

Confession time: I’ve never voted before. Despite registering to vote in 2003, every election since felt like it didn’t matter to me. I’ve lived in blue states – so I felt my vote didn’t even matter. This year, I feel like I totally have…

November 7, 2016
Goodreads App Review

How to Remember the Books You’ve Actually Read

Let’s talk about how many times I’ve sat down to read a Jodi Picoult book and realized 40 pages in, “I think I’ve read this before.” Lately, that hasn’t happened. Why? On my honeymoon, I decided to keep track of all the books I…

November 2, 2016

How to Find Affordable Glasses Online: GlassesUSA

It was third grade. I was called up to the blackboard to solve a math problem. I had already worked out the problem in front of me, and was confident my answer was right. What I put on the board was completely wrong. The math…

October 16, 2016

How to Get Extra Storage Space on Your iPhone

One of my biggest regrets is getting a 16GB iPhone 6.  At least once I month, I get the dreaded “your storage is almost full.” When I found an easy hack online showing how to get extra storage space on your iPhone, I was skeptical.…

September 22, 2016

Inspired Cases Offers Cute and Affordable Phone Cases

If you are thinking it’s time to upgrade your cell phone case, consider checking out Inspired Cases. This cell phone case company offers cases for Samsung and Apple phones and Apple tablets. Last week I tried Inspired Cases for the first time. What I love…

August 22, 2016

Why I Loved The Girl You Left Behind

I am one to judge a book by its cover. Looks like the book is about historical fiction? Then I definitely don’t want to read it. But I recently fell in love with Jojo Moyes after reading Me Before You, so when I quickly…

July 26, 2016