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Good at Solving Puzzles? Try New York’s Paradiso

If you love solving puzzles and are looking for something suspenseful to do this Halloween, try Paradiso. Last Friday night, my husband and two of our friends headed to Koreatown for the Paradiso experience (tickets are $50). We didn’t know too much going into…

October 9, 2016
New York

Meet the Affordable Alternative to Uber – Via

If you are tired of Uber and looking for a new ride service app to try, consider Via. And in true Tried Guide fashion, we’ll even give you a Via promo code for a $10 credit to get started! I was introduced to Via…

June 23, 2016
New York

Win Two Tickets to the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Event

Congrats to #33, Allie! If you like grilled cheese, you’ll love one of my favorite food events: The Big Cheesy. Held next weekend, The Big Cheesy features grilled cheese from 5 different shops, with guests voting for their favorite grilled cheese. Featured shops include Artisanal…

April 15, 2016
New York

Cocktail Lovers Sip on Discounted Drinks with This Passport

Today marks the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday, or 10 years since I’ve been legally drinking (or 15 years since I’ve been illegally drinking, sorry mom). In honor of this milestone, I wanted to tell you all about this fantastic cocktail passport in…

March 3, 2016