How to Make the Most of Your Classpass Membership

August 13, 2015
Maximize Your Classpass Membership - Triedguide.com

Chances are if you know someone who takes boutique fitness classes in a major city you’ve heard of Classpass. For $125 a month, you get UNLIMITED CLASSES to boutique studios all around the city like RowHouse or Physique 57, classes that are normally $35 a pop. I’ve been doing Classpass since Memorial Day and I absolutely love it. I totally recommend you try it over the gym – it’s been fun to go to places around the city and try different workouts (I even tried adult gymnastics and spinning in a pool). Plus, if you are scared to try other workouts, ClassPass kind of makes you – you can only attend one studio three times per month.

Classpass has changed my life – I would dread going to the gym and skip it more often than not. With Classpass, since I have to book classes in advance, I go – especially since you are charged $20 if you miss a class. If you do sign up or haven’t been in awhile, here’s how you can maximize your membership:

1). Set Your Alarm for 11:55am: Why? At noon, you can sign up for next week’s classes. So if it’s Tuesday, you can sign up for the following Tuesday’s classes at that time. I often take a look at the schedule a few minutes before to figure out what I want to take.

2). Go with a friend: The $20 motivates me to go to a class, but having a workout buddy definitely makes me more likely to wake up in the morning – especially on those rainy days. Knowing my friend Sarah is going to be at class certainly makes me more likely to go!

3). Become a regular: As mentioned, you can only go to a class 3 times per billing cycle but get in a routine. I know where I’ll be most Tuesday mornings – and my alternate Tuesday class on that one week I can’t go.

4). Stick to a routine: I workout Monday-Friday, and pick classes at 7am or 7:30am. That’s it. I know my alarm will go off at 5:40 am since I commute to Manhattan from Queens for classes, and as a result, try to go to bed by 11. Once you are in a routine, it’s much easier to get up – plus by taking morning classes, there’s less of a chance I’ll be stuck at work and miss a class.

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    hi i just signed up vai ur click here link , but it didn’t say anything about gift card do u noe how that will work? -tiff

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