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September 20, 2015
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Now that we’re married, my husband(!) and I are really focused on saving money so we can buy a house. We’ve been trying a ton of different money saving apps, and one of the ones I’ve really liked using is the Digit app that helps you save. Now to be clear, app should be a term used lightly – it’s technically a website that you communicate with all via text. How to Save Money Easily with Digit -

I signed up for the Digit app 2 weeks ago – since then I’ve saved $73 without even realizing it. With Digit, you connect your bank account, and every 2-3 days, they will take anywhere from $5 – $50 and put it in to your Digit account. They analyze your bank lifestyle in order to determine how much money to take out.

You’ll get text messages almost daily from Digit with your account balance and details on how much money Digit’s saved you. If you need that money, simply text withdraw or type pause if you are about to spend a huge chunk of money and don’t want Digit to pull anything from your bank account. But don’t worry about the Digit app overdrafting – they have a no-overdraft guarantee (read: they’ll pay the fee) so you don’t really have to worry about it.

My husband and I have a goal of saving a certain amount of money each month, and I like that Digit is slowly taking money out of our bank account. When it comes to making a big deposit into our savings end of the month, it’ll be nice to know that Digit already put some of this aside for me. If you are just getting started saving money and are the type of person who uses your debit account all the time, it’s great because if the money is slowly taken out and not there, you don’t have to worry about spending it.

Since opening my account two weeks ago, I’ve had a total of 7 transfers, with an average of $10 per transfer. If I keep my money in my Digit account for 3 months, I will be eligible for bonuses (5 cents per $100). I’m including a screenshot of my Digit dashboard so you can see my savings.

If you want to give Digit a try, check it out here! (Full disclosure: I will receive $5 per each signup to Digit – once you sign up, you’re eligible to earn referrals too). 

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Save Money Easily with Digit -

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