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Why I Love Down the Hatch

March 10, 2015
Review of Down the Hatch, a Great Bar in NYC -

I’ve loved Down the Hatch for years (West 4th between Jones and Barrow) and frankly, I think it’s one of the best deals in NYC.

If you like day drinking, you’ll love Down the Hatch. For $25, you get 12 tickets (each redeemable for a beer), and unlimited wings, onion rings, fries and breakfast baskets (french toast sticks!) from 12-5pm on Saturday or Sunday. They do this every week except during big games (I advise calling ahead before you go).

If you do go, follow my tips:

  1. Show up at 11:30 to wait in line. Doors open at noon and there will be a line.
  2. Make sure when you get in to the bar, bee-line with your group to grab some real estate. I usually like to go all the way into the bar, and grab two tables by the bathrooms.
  3. Bring cards!
  4. Don’t try to split a deal with someone or secretly eat other people’s food. They will catch you and scold you, so just cough up the $25. If you drink 3 beers and plan on eating, it’s worth it.
  5. Don’t make plans that night. You’ll want to go to bed by 10pm.

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