We Tried It: d’Vida Pre-Made Smoothies

June 4, 2015
Review of d'Vida Smoothies - triedguide.com

d’Vida is a health bar in the city, located in the Credit Suisse building (24th and Madison) and World Wide Plaza (49th between 8th and 9th). They offer shakes, frozen yogurt, baked goods and more – but if you can’t get to one of their locations or want to make them at home, they also sell pre-made smoothies which are a little different than what’s available in stores, but still has a great taste. When I was offered the chance to try the smoothie, I figured why not?

d’Vida Pre-Made Smoothies are a 100% natural & low calorie meal replacement/snack. Some have an additional 15 grams of whey protein too, so make sure to check out the nutritional facts – they are low-GI, high protein and non-GMO, so the perfect addition if you are looking for a healthy, EASY breakfast/lunch. I made one for breakfast yesterday and it was simple – just dump in the packet with a cup of cold water and a cup of ice, blend, and you are good to go. I had tried the strawberry banana flavor and on a hot summer morning, it was a refreshing treat – and didn’t taste powdery and the flavors weren’t overpowering. After I gave this a try around 8:30am, aside from having a snack of grapes and a cup of coffee, I didn’t eat again until 2pm – so it kept my full for a long time.

In addition to strawberry banana, there is also a peanut butter banana flavor, pineapple coconut and green apple, kale and cucumber (this is the one I’m least looking forward to giving it a try!). Currently, the smoothies are selling for 7 individual packets for $29.99 on Amazon ($4.50 per smoothie). Depending on how often you drink smoothies, this could be a cost savings for you so I’ll let you do the math.

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