What I Made in My Kitchen This December

January 5, 2016
What I Cooked This December -

In an effort to save money, we’ve been making more meals at home. While in the past I was quick to rely on meals I made in college (pasta and sauce anyone?), I’ve been loving Pinterest to scour the internet for easy recipes.

As I mentioned last month, every month, I’ll be sharing a roundup of some of my favorite meals I’ve recently made, with my little twists on them.

Here are some easy recipes I cooked in my kitchen this month:

  • Turkey Meatballs: So I lied. Sometimes I do rely on the pasta and sauce method for dinner, but I kick it up a notch and add in meatballs. I thought I found a baked meatball recipe I was going to use and after going to the grocery store, swore I had all the ingredients – until I realized I was out of bread crumbs. I noticed I had some panko crumbs so did a little googling to see if there were any recipes that could guide me to the ratio of meat to crumbs. I found this recipe and instead of using all the different seasoning, relied on dumping a ton of Italian seasoning in to give it the flavor I desired. If you make this recipe, I advise turning your meatballs mid-way through – mine ended up a little stuck to the pan but still yummy!
  • Gimme Some Oven’s 12-Minute Chicken and Broccoli Recipe: So we are moving at the end of the month so we’ve been in the mindset of not buying any more staples and only using what’s perishable. I had all the ingredients for this recipe, so decided to give it a go! What I didn’t have though was broccoli, and the selection at the grocery store was miserable. I swapped it out for frozen broccoli, but definitely could have used a better crunch and would recommend making this with fresh broccoli so it’s not as mushy. We enjoyed this over rice.
  • Skinnytaste’s Crock Pot Sesame Honey Chicken: I’ve mentioned several times how much I LOVE my crock pot and would be lost without it! This was another one of those recipes where I happened to have everything in the house so we decided to give it a try. My husband loves pulled pork, so thought having another protein in a sauce would instantly become a favorite. In fact – his students (he’s a teacher) thought it smelled fantastic. If recipes with a huge ingredient list scare you, you can certainly skip the sesame seeds and scallions and still get a great flavor, but note that I feel a lot of the ingredients overlapped with the chicken and broccoli recipe, so might be nice to try both recipes out in the same month. We also enjoyed this over rice.
  • Old El Paso Beef Enchiladas: Sometimes I use recipes from the brands I buy, rather than scouring Pinterest. Normally if we make enchiladas I purchase Old El Paso’s sauce, so used their recipe as a guide. Our store only had hot enchilada sauce and my husband is a little spice sensitive, so I followed their recipe, using Frontera Foods Enchilada Sauce instead. The enchiladas were delicious and the perfect comfort food, and we accompanied this with a side of Spanish rice (wow, I ate a lot of rice this month!).

Want to see more of what I’ve cooked? Follow my “I Cooked This” board on Pinterest. I’ll be sharing the recipes that I make, and when I can, I’ll add my twist in the comments. If you have a good recipe, comment below with it – I’d love to try it!

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