13 Thoughts I Had During Episode 2 Of Serial

December 21, 2015

Have you listened to Serial? Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life, and I became obsessed with it during the first season, when Serial reviewed the trial of a high school senior, accused of murdering his girlfriend.

Season two premiered two weeks ago, and I was so excited to begin listening to it and analyze every episode with my friends. This season is about Bowe Bergdahl, who had been a prisoner of the Taliban for 5 years. After President Obama announced his return to the U.S. in 2014, many began to call Bergdahl a traitor, claiming he walked away, and since the season started, it has been announced that Bowe is going to face a court-martial trial on desertion charges .

If you haven’t listened to Serial yet, you can do so at Serial Podcast, on Pandora and on iTunes.

Here are 13 thoughts I had during episode 2 of Serial:

1. Going through recap of last week’s episode I can’t help but think how immature Bowe is – he’s 23 and looking to be Jason Bourne. I’m glad Bowe recognizes this level of immaturity now.

2. Why doesn’t Bowe share what leadership was doing? Wouldn’t that clear this whole thing up?


4. Interesting how Halal’s story differs from Bowe – last week he put up a fight with the Taliban and now he just gets in line with the “police”. (Love that Sarah then says this too).

5. Sarah, I didn’t get the joke either.

6. When Mark is asking him about what he said to the Taliban when asked if a commander, his pauses make me think he’s crafting a story now.

7. How much did all these rescue efforts cost? From the helicopters to handing out chocolate, how much did it cost, how many people were involved (and why chocolate)?

8. Watching a traditional dance would not boost my morale either. Hand me the wine.

9. How many kids are up in the middle of the night to chat with soldiers and give Taliban intel?

10. As you hear stories of the soldiers searching for him, I completely understand why they all hate him. I would too if I spent months searching for someone who voluntarily walked away.

11. Sarah mentions all these trucks that were destroyed by IEDs as they were searching for Bowe. This again reminds me of how much money was spent on his search.

12. As the morale continues to drop, I can’t help but feel for his fellow soldiers, as the conditions sound miserable (rotting socks? shit pants?). I end the episode feeling like I truly hate Bowe for what he did to these soldiers.

13. Until I hear the what’s next on Serial. And now I think I am having sympathy for Bowe again.

I’d love to hear what you thought of the episode – share in the comments below.


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