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FitReserve Makes Working Out Easy and Fun at a Discount

February 12, 2016

When you work in an office filled with mostly girls, you’ll always overhear conversations about boutique fitness classes. There’s my work bestie Sarah who is a SoulCycle addict, my cross-office pal Caitlin training to be a yoga instructor, and for me, lately I’ve been blabbering about FitReserve. With FitReserve, you can get 10 classes a month at boutique studios like Barry’s Bootcamp and Uplift for $150 – great savings when these classes are at least $25 a pop.

Now I’m sure you are thinking, hold up – is this like Classpass that you’ve mentioned on the blog before? Yes, it is, but with Classpass, you get 10 classes for $135 a month with visits to studios limited to 3 times a month. Keep in mind, they used to offer at one point unlimited boutique fitness classes for $99, so the price has dramatically gone up.

For 18 months, I religiously worked out with Classpass, going to the gym. But then my job got tougher. I was finding myself canceling classes to get in earlier to the office. When free, I was left with the reject classes, since I didn’t sign up far enough in advance. And if it wasn’t hard enough to motivate yourself to go to the gym in the am, it’s much worse when you are stuck with the only class on the same subway line as your office with a shower that has an instructor you despise.

I finally gave FitReserve a try at the end of December/early January.  Once I tried it, I could see a big difference between these two services – in the availability and frequency department, FitReserve wins hands down.

The biggest difference for me was I could finally get into classes that I’ve been wanting to go to. I’d be online well in advance of when classes opened online on Classpass with my gym buddy Sarah, and for over a year we could not get into Swerve in the morning. With FitReserve, I found myself getting into Swerve if I booked the night before. During my month with FitReserve, I only saw two sold-out classes on the entire schedule.

I was able to get into a routine since I could go once a week thanks to the 4x a month studio limit. At this point in my fitness journey, I knew which classes I liked and where I wanted to spend my time, so I didn’t explore the different classes that much – I wanted to enjoy working out at my faves.

I got into my spin studios no problem (including Peloton). I felt like I was back into my old workout routine. Mondays at 7am were my Peloton days (loved Steven) and Dyan on Fridays at Swerve were my jam. Sometimes I sadly had to cancel due to a work obligation. Luckily, I could easily find another day that week open and available so I could sign up. Not once did I have to wait and be online the moment classes were available. This made the gym process easy and less stressful. Since when did getting into a class need to cause heart palpitations?

In addition to fitness classes, there are perks for members – like discounts to other websites for healthy eating, beauty, etc. I didn’t take advantage of this section since I am on a budget. I liked the discounts though and insight on other great players in the health and wellness space.

If you want to workout, check out FitReserve. They offer different pricing too for 5 classes and 20 classes, so you’ll find something that fits your need. I firmly believe that if you are going to work out, you should have fun doing it. With FitReserve, it was stress-free to register for classes and I could take the ones I wanted every week. I can only workout a few days a week so the 10 class package was perfect for me.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary month of FitReserve. In all honesty, if I didn’t move a few weeks later, I would have kept the membership. It got me back to the gym and felt like the Equinox of boutique fitness class services. 

Save Now, Re-Read Again Later:

Can't decide between Fitreserve and Classpass? We tried both services and Fitreserve wins, hands down.


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