5 Easy Friendsgiving Recipes

November 10, 2016

One of my favorite holidays is Friendsgiving, and we celebrated this past weekend.  My group of friends changed things up this year. For starters, we got together early November, a first for us. Not sure if we were inspired by Friends or the fact we all are ultra competitive and really like games, but this year’s holiday started with a football game at a local park.  Then began hours of catching up, sharing what we’re grateful for and indulging. Our annual holiday tradition, watching Ohio State and playing the Noun Game, closed out the night.

If you are preparing for your Friendsgiving celebration and are still undecided what to bring to the table, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Friendsgiving recipes I’ve made over the years!

  • Cranberry Orange Relish. In terms of ease, this recipe was super simple! The Cranberry Marketing Company challenged me to create a dish with cranberries this year, in honor of its second annual Cranberry Friendsgiving Photo Contest. This photo contest gives entrants a chance to win $4,000 in prizes for the best cranberry dishes, drinks and décor. All I have to do is post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest my creation with #FriendsgivingCranberryContest and then upload it at to enter. I found a ton of recipes on the site but opted to go with the cranberry orange relish. Why? It had 3 ingredients, was super fresh, and allowed me to use my Vitamix! First I placed cranberries and a whole orange into the Vitamix. I chopping the fruit into little pieces like I would a food processor. From there, I added in sugar, using less than what the recipe stated – I wanted to keep the tangy taste of the cranberries. I had doubled the recipe, so used only a cup of sugar, vs. one and a half cups.
  • Campbell’s Swiss Vegetable Casserole. You can literally put French’s Crispy Fried Onions on dirt, and I would probably eat it. I love these onions, and combined with the creaminess of this casserole and the swiss cheese easily make this one of my favorite dishes. It takes only a few minutes to pull together, and I think the mix of veggies makes it more fun than the typical green bean casserole. This is on my Thanksgiving table every year, and I’ve since brought it to my in-laws for the holiday.
  • New England Yam Bake. Growing up, this was a staple on the Thanksgiving table. I haven’t had Thanksgiving at home for a few years and missed this marshmallow goodness. My solution? Bring this along to Friendsgiving. I opted to use canned sweet potatoes instead of canned yams, but it was very easy to put together. This dish has pineapple around the outside of the dish, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t make sure my spoonful for my plate didn’t have a ton of marshmallow and pineapple on it. If you choose to make it, you’ll want to have this tool on hand in order to create the perfect crumb topping.
  • Ritz Broccoli CasseroleWhile I love my swiss vegetable casserole, the Ritz broccoli casserole is a fantastic alternative. One of our friends’ girlfriends brought it along to Friendsgiving, and this was devoured in seconds. At just 4 ingredients, it’s simple to put together, and while I will admit I haven’t brought it to Friendsgiving, I’ve definitely made this a few times because I couldn’t wait for the next holiday to eat it.
  • Pumpkin Spice Bread.  I have no shame in admitting any of my breads, muffins, cakes, brownies come from a box. It’s easy, cheap and delicious. If you opt to make a bread, I can’t recommend the folks from Krusteaz enough. While I typically try to purchase what’s on sale, every time I buy Krusteaz I’m super happy about it. What I love about these mixes is it’s usually a combination of water, eggs, vegetable oil and the mix. Stir it up, pour into a loaf pan and bake. When we hosted, I always made a loaf and had it on the counter. It was great for a quick snack before the big meal.

Disclosure: I received a bag of cranberries and other goodies in order to make my cranberry relish. Additionally, there are links to some Amazon products within this post. Should you choose to purchase, I’ll receive a teeny tiny commission. 



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