How to Remember the Books You’ve Actually Read

November 2, 2016
Goodreads App Review

Let’s talk about how many times I’ve sat down to read a Jodi Picoult book and realized 40 pages in, “I think I’ve read this before.”

Lately, that hasn’t happened. Why? On my honeymoon, I decided to keep track of all the books I was reading on the Goodreads app and website. While sitting on the beach in Bora Bora and poolside in Moorea, I read through at least 6 books. Yes, how romantic. With Goodreads, I logged on the app and recorded the books I read. I ranked a book from 1-5 and could even add a review.

In addition to using the Goodreads app to record what I read, I’ve used it to record what I want to read next. You are able to create lists (or bookshelves) within Goodreads.  You control how you label these shelves, so you can name your shelf by genre or beach reading. Previously, I would snap book covers or reviews from magazines on my phone, hoping I’d remember to download from the library. Now, I can simply review my list when I’m on the library website, checking out titles.

The other bookshelf I have that has been helpful is my “to read” shelf. I have a ton of books on my Nook, but often forget the order of what I want to read next. By using this shelf, I’m able to quickly skim my list. Sometimes a ranking, the cover, or a quick read of the description helps inform me what I should read next.

While I primarily use Goodreads to keep myself organized, you can also use the app or website to get recommendations. Based on your rankings, genre interest and bookshelf titles, Goodreads will suggest what you may want to read next. You can also connect with your friends on Goodreads to see what is on their shelves, and what titles they ranked highly. If you’ve read the same book, it will compare rankings too.

Want to try Goodreads? Feel free to connect with me! Not ready to add another app to your list? Here are some of my favorite 5-star books (no judgment, please).



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