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October 16, 2016

It was third grade. I was called up to the blackboard to solve a math problem. I had already worked out the problem in front of me, and was confident my answer was right. What I put on the board was completely wrong. The math on my paper was right, but from 15 feet back in the classroom, I saw completely different numbers. And that’s when I knew I needed glasses.

I have been wearing glasses for 23 years. Years ago, getting glasses was a long process. First, I’d get my eyes checked at the eye doctor.  Then spend what felt like hours picking out new frames. Now, it’s much more easier thanks to sites like GlassesUSA.

Recently, I tried GlassesUSA for the first time. If you are thinking of ordering glasses online, you’ll need two things. First, your prescription. Second, your pupillary distance – or the distance between your pupils.  This is not common in an eye exam, so I recommend asking your eye doctor to provide this measurement next time you have an appointment. If you aren’t seeing your eye doctor, call the last place you ordered glasses from, and ask for your PD. You can also try measuring it yourself.

I’m not very bold when it comes to picking out glasses. I have a style I know I like, so I immediately searched for it on glassesUSA. The search functionality made it very easy for me to find what I was looking for.


I quickly narrowed down my search from 763 frames. I searched for small and medium size glasses, single vision, brown, classic wayfare frame. This resulted in a total of 9 options.

The more I looked, the more indecisive I’d get, so I made a quick decision. I found this frame, and decided this would be it. Unfortunately, this frame is out of stock right now in the tortoise shell, but if you love it too, keep an eye on it!

If you aren’t sure if a frame is for you, you can always try virtually online. You can upload a photo of yourself or find a model that looks like you. Things I’ve learned – I tilt my head way too much in photos, so needed to take a photo with a webcam to get a shot of myself with my head perfectly straight! While I was confident with my style selection, it was fun to play around with this tool and try styles I know I’d never have the courage to wear.


My mom spent hundreds of dollars on my glasses as a child. GlassesUSA, however, is affordable – my frames were $78, with lenses. But there are still extra ways to save. When you visit their website, you can get a coupon for 50% off your first frames. There is also a deals section on their website, with coupons and clearance frames. If you are on a budget or looking for an affordable backup pair of glasses, you’ll be able to find something that works for you. Plus, GlassesUSA is on Ebates, meaning additional cashback savings when you shop online.

My glasses arrived in about a week. When your glasses arrive, you’ll have a full 14 days to see if you like them or you can get a full refund. What I like though is the 365 day warranty. This covers any possible defect in the frame or lens that can reasonably be attributed to the manufacturer’s responsibility and not a result of normal wear and tear. I once had a pair of glasses break as I was taking them off my face, so this warranty gives me a bit of peace of mind.

I’m very happy with my new pair of glasses and may hold off on popping my contacts in immediately, especially on weekends. Do you shop for glasses online? What are your favorite sites?

Disclaimer: I received a free pair of glasses from GlassesUSA in exchange for this review. 

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