How to Get Extra Storage Space on Your iPhone

September 22, 2016

One of my biggest regrets is getting a 16GB iPhone 6. ย At least once I month, I get the dreaded “your storage is almost full.”ย When I found an easy hack online showing how to get extra storage space on your iPhone, I was skeptical. But I’ve tried it several times, and funny enough it works.

If you are dying to upgrade your iOS or want to take a few more photos, here’s what you need to do. To create a bit of a case study, this is where my phone sadly started out:


Next, I logged on to the iTunes story to rent a movie. You’ll want to rent a really long movie – I suggest War and Peace.


Don’t worry, you aren’t going to really watch this movie. Soon you’ll get a message that says:


When you go check your storage in settings, for some reason you’ll see your amount of storage suddenly has increased.


I proceeded to do this six more times and ended up majorly increasing my store space to 1.9 GB.

How to Get Extra Storage Space on Your iPhone

I’ve used this trick multiple times over the last few months and it always manages to free up extra space for me. I used to spend hours deleting photos and apps whenever I needed to update the my operating system. Now, I just continually try to rent War and Peace. This trick is a great time saver and who knows, maybe one day I’ll finally see the movie!

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