Why Renting Maternity Clothes was the Best Decision for Me

December 4, 2016

I needed two dresses to wear to work events. Since Target is not close to our house, I convinced my husband to stop in one as we headed home from a wedding in upstate New York. I was 4 and a half months pregnant. I dragged every dress possible into the fitting room in a variety of sizes.

Not a single thing fit.

I popped into Kohl’s next door, and the selection was even worse.

And so began the drive home, where I spent the following 30 minutes sobbing.

When you have a tummy when you are non-pregnant, you spend your entire life trying to disguise it. Now here I was, with a stomach that every maternity designer wanted me to proudly display. Everything felt so tight, that for the first time in my life I was self-conscious of the way my back looked in everything.

With my sister-in-law calmly guiding me through the mall, I found a few staples at Motherhood Maternity at Macy’s – 8 shirts, 1 dress, and maternity jeans at Old Navy. Some of my pre-pregnancy clothes I could still make work. But I spent $225, and I still needed a few different dresses to wear to work events in the same week.

Then my friend invited me to join Le Tote. Le Tote offers a variety of rental subscription services at different price points, including maternity clothes. Since I’m pregnant, this is a Le Tote maternity review – I cannot speak to the regular service.


I opted for the $74 a month maternity package where I would receive 3 pieces of clothing and 2 accessories per month. To get my first Le Tote styled for me, I selected several looks and pieces I liked. Next, I provided all my measurements and sizes. Before I knew it, I received a text that my Le Tote was available to preview. What I loved was I had full control to swap out pieces if I didn’t like them before it was shipped to me. I wasn’t a huge fan of what was in my Le Tote, so I completely redesigned it and picked 3 dresses for my upcoming event, and 2 pairs of earrings.

My Le Tote arrived, very well packaged. I quickly tried everything on and was pleased 2 of the 3 dresses fit! A major success, considering how many dressing room fails I had recently. Best of all, these dresses were worth a total of $197 – so renting was much more affordable than buying these when I was only going to be pregnant for a few more months.

le tote maternity review

Rocking a rented black and white dress polka dotted dress at a work event

With Le Tote, you can keep the box as long as you’d like. With my baby shower approaching and some work events on the horizon, I  kept my Le Tote for about 3 and a half weeks. I wore the dresses a total of 5 times and got so many compliments. On my last wear, I was able to put them in a shipping bag with a pre-paid return label – unwashed – and send back to Le Tote. As soon as Le Tote tracked that my package was on its way, I received what was in my next Le Tote. I decided though to switch my plan. I could care less about accessories and usually wear the same earrings daily, so decided to get 4 clothing items instead for $74.

le tote maternity review

With my 93-year-old grandma at my baby shower, in my rented dress

This Le Tote arrived on a Saturday (11/26), and I will be shipping it out tomorrow (the following Monday). Of the 5 items I received (I got an extra as a bonus), 3 fit. One stripped shirt was a bit too tight that it was uncomfortable. I didn’t think the black and gold dress was super flattering on me from behind. The black sweater and printed blouse though were perfect for a few casual business meetings last week. The blue and green dress was perfect to wear to a baby shower over the weekend. What I love about Le Tote is you can get an unlimited amount of Le Totes in a month. If you wear everything quickly, you can get new clothes pretty soon. And if there is something you cannot part with, you can opt to purchase the garment for a discounted price.le-tote maternity review

I’ve loved renting clothes through Le Tote. I didn’t want to invest in a ton of maternity clothes that I wasn’t super excited about. It’s been nice to spice up my wardrobe with a few “new” pieces every week. If you are in-between sizes or pregnant, I can see Le Tote being the perfect service to try. It’s great if you aren’t looking for a long term investment.

If you want to give Le Tote a try, enjoy $25 off your first month with my referral code. In full transparency, I’ll receive $15 off my subscription.

What have been your tricks for maternity clothes?


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