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Tired of Spending a Ton on Lunch? MealPass Will Change That

March 30, 2016

Usually I don’t like to write about apps or online services until I have had a chance to try them – but this service seems so awesome that I just had to share it.

Yesterday, MealPass launched in New York City – or as the media have been dubbing it, the ClassPass of lunches (coincidentally, the service has been started by the ClassPass co-founder). For $99 a month, you can get lunch every weekday at participating restaurants in Chelsea, Gramercy, Flatiron and Union Square – that’s $5 a day.

How it works: each day a participating restaurant will have one item on the MealPass menu available for lunch.  And it’s not like Restaurant Week where you’ll see a menu item you’ve never heard of before – this will be actual items from the menu. The MealPass menu will be posted at 7pm the night before, and you have until 9:30am to make your selection. Pick your lunch item, and that’s it. Only caveat – you have to go pick it up, but you will get to skip the line and don’t have to wait to pay.

So far, 130 restaurants have signed up. In my entire career, I’ve worked in Gramercy/Murray Hill for about 6 of the 9 years, so pretty bummed I’m not there anymore but excited to see my favorites like Sarabeth’s, Dos Caminos and Bella Napoli participating. If you are the salad-goer at lunch, Just Salad is participating too. There’s also no limit on how many times you can visit the same restaurant. (Pssst: Mealpass – come to FiDi).

MealPass is also available in Boston and Miami. The price will eventually rise to $119, so try it out now while you can! If you are a tad jealous you aren’t in these participating areas, don’t worry – we have a roundup of how you can save money when ordering online. 

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