Alcohol Delivered to Your Door: Minibar Review and Coupon Code

October 3, 2015
Get alcohol delivered to your door with Minibar -

Yesterday I had my book club meeting and I realized I needed to bring a bottle of wine. Between after work cocktails with a client and the book club meeting, I wasn’t going to have time to swing into a liquor store, especially when I wasn’t totally familiar with the area my friend lived in. That’s when I discovered Minibar.

Minibar is an iOS app that is best described as Seamless for liquor. It delivers in several cities across the country. I simply put in my shipping address, and was told that I could order from a wine shop in Flatiron. I was able to sort by price and type of wine that I wanted. Wines were reasonable, starting at $8.99. My only complaint with the app was that you had to order $25 worth of merchandise. Not sure if this is by wine store, or an app default but I guess it is ok – we all know I will end up consuming the extra bottle I tossed in my cart at some point.

At the checkout screen, you will notice a spot for promo codes – if you use my promo code, you’ll be able to get $5 off your order (and yes, I will get $5 too – but once you have an account, you can share with your friends to get some extra savings). My code is LZ009334 (note those are zeros).

Delivery is free, but keep in mind you will be charged for tax and tip. Best of all, delivery is promised to be under an hour or you can schedule a delivery time. Note someone 21 or over needs to be home. I opted for ASAP delivery and mine was delivered within an hour, and a very nice man even called me to tell me the wine I selected was sold out, but found a comparable bottle at the same price range. If you are in a pinch and need some liquor, check out Minibar!

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