How to Navigate the Insurance System During Open Enrollment

December 18, 2016

This post was sponsored by Anthem BlueCross as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

The New Year is just a few weeks away, and I’m thinking about my to-do list.  Of course, there is the holiday shopping and baking for holiday parties. However, I’m also trying to make sure we get our finances in check. Now is the time to make sure I’ve spent all my money in my flexible savings account. Just last week I put aside money for retirement. And to top it all off, with the baby coming mid-February, I have an even longer to-do list to tackle. I need to make sure our insurance knows of our upcoming hospital stay – aka birth. Plus, I want to start looking into things like the best college savings accounts.

While it may seem crazy to add something else to your to-do list, before midnight strikes on January 1 take a moment to make sure you are all set from a health insurance perspective for next year. One of the biggest lessons I learned is making sure your health insurance matches your needs. After wearing contacts for two decades, I thought I had coverage through work for vision. I learned the hard way that I forgot to sign up for vision insurance. A $500 bill taught me that when it comes to health insurance, it can be super confusing, but it is important to understand it for not only your health but for your wallet.

While I offered a few basic lessons I’ve learned, I’m definitely not an expert. But there are people who can help you understand your options and what plan is best for you. Health insurers such as Anthem Blue Cross and Application Assistors, Navigators and local brokers can assess your family’s needs and identify a plan that makes the most sense. If you are looking to purchase a plan, check out navigatingopenenrollment.com and healthcare.gov. You should review these resources while you are still able to switch your health plan for next year.

If you don’t think you need insurance, think again. Under the Affordable Care Act, all Americans are required to have insurance. My pregnancy caused a trip to the ER, monthly doctor’s appointments, 3 ultrasounds, and countless blood work. Of course, this is all before the big event – GIVING BIRTH. I’m so glad I have insurance and do not have to touch my savings. After all, the numbers speak for themselves.

insurance during open enrollment

Do you have your health insurance plan set for next year? What tips can you share with us from your experience?

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