We Bought a Robot Vacuum and It’s Fantastic

September 7, 2016

After we settled into our house a few months back, all I could think was a house is a lot of work. Going from a 750 square foot apartment (if that) to a 2600 square foot house was a huge adjustment. Suddenly there was a lawn to mow, weeds to pull and cleaning took at least 5 hours if you dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the windows and put away any clutter. When were we going to have time to live!?

Our budget did not allow for a house cleaner, but my husband spent the summer mentioning that we should get a Roomba, or a DJ Roomba as he affectionately calls it for you Parks and Rec fans.

dj roomba

A friend commented a robot vacuum would work perfectly, given our first floor is all tile and hardwood. With some leftover Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards from our wedding burning a hole in our pocket, we went out in search of our robot vacuum.

I’m the type of person who does a lot of research before making a purchase, but I clearly had no idea about the amount of options. From the very expensive ones at $899 to $375 priced vacuums, I tried to quickly make sense of what I really needed – especially when I had a $600 Dyson sitting at home. As we compared models, I noticed another brand I hadn’t heard of before – Neato – which is a competitor to Roomba.

What attracted me to the Neato Botvac D85 was that it was marked down $50 from $499 to $449. But beyond the price, the in-store signage highlighted its ability to pick up pet hair. With the way my hair sheds, you would think we lived with several dogs (we have no pets). I needed something that could pick my hair up. From quick searches online in the aisles, the reviews were comparable between the products. The fact that signage touted the ability to pick up hair and the product was at a lower price point made us go for the Neato vacuum. Plus, we were a sucker for their video.

When paired with a 20% coupon, our gift cards and knowing the return policy, we figured we’d bring it home and give it a try.

We’ve had this product for a month and couldn’t be happier. While we still have to clean the rest of our house of course, this product made the vacuum chore much easier. As we prepared for a few friends over, my husband and I divided and conquered. He handled the basement, I vacuumed the second floor. Meanwhile, “DJ Neato” as we call it, managed to vacuum our main floor. The vacuum is somewhat quiet and we can still watch TV when it runs. We’ve found it works best when we put the vacuum on as we leave the house. We’ve also programmed it to vacuum when we’re at work.

In terms of performance, it definitely picks up the dirt on your floor. Here’s what it looked like when we ran it – when our floors weren’t that bad!

file (1)

We even used it after we had a few friends and their dogs over. It is great picking up pet hair – we hung out in our pool while DJ Neato cleaned up inside.

If you are registering or making your holiday wishlist, I highly encourage you to think of a robot vacuum. I thought it would be a huge gimmick, but it has made my to-do list shorter. Plus, if our main floor is always clean, we won’t be tracking anything into the rest of our house.

Do you have any cleaning tools that have made your life easier? I’m all ears!

Disclosure: No one pitched me this product. I picked it out and bought it with my own money, errr gift cards. However, if you choose to purchase it, I get a teeny tiny commission, thanks to affiliate marketing. 

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  • Reply Arthur September 8, 2016 at 3:09 pm

    Hi Laura,

    I had the exact same experience, picked up a Roomba on sale, and loved it. I don’t know how I ever got by without one before!!

    Great review!

  • Reply Winter is Coming...with a Baby - Tried Guide October 6, 2016 at 9:50 pm

    […] We Bought a Robot Vacuum and It’s Fantastic […]

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