How to Make Your Newborn’s Transition to Bottle Feeding Easier

March 19, 2017

This post was sponsored by NUK as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, however all opinions expressed are my own. 

As a first time mom, I get nervous about a lot of things. I’ll bundle my kid up for a walk around the block, and then spend half the walk putting my hand on his head to make sure he’s not overheating. If he takes a long nap, I’ll be quick to put my hand under his nose to make sure he’s still breathing.

But it’s not since he’s gotten here that I’ve been worried – I’ve been worried from the beginning. At every stage of my pregnancy, I was googling symptoms. So when at breastfeeding class (yes, that’s a thing) we learned that babies could suffer from nipple confusion as they go from mom to bottle, naturally, I was worried.

When asked how we were planning on feeding our child, I always said I was going to try to breastfeed but gave the caveat – if it works for us. I didn’t want to make some bold statement, and then have to go back on my word, especially as I started to hear horror stories of when breastfeeding didn’t work. So when I learned that nipple confusion can easily happen in the first 6 weeks, I remember telling my husband that clearly some of the dates on our calendar would have to be put on hold. The wedding we were going to in April? Clearly I could no longer go – I couldn’t give my son nipple confusion!

Luckily, the NUK Simply Natural Bottle is designed with mom in mind to create that natural feeding experience. And this is something this first time mom was excited to hear about especially when right off the bat, she was advised to supplement her child with pumped breast milk and later formula via a bottle because he was a preemie and needed to gain weight.

Everyone says breastfeeding is a special moment between mom and their child. While I am not the sentimental type, I do admit some of my kid’s favorite faces come from that time we’re together. And after a feed as I’m trying to get him to burp and we’re snuggling, I’ll always get a cute milk drunk smile.

Milk Drunk

Milk Drunk

Early on when I learned we were going to have to supplement him, I was worried about that transition from breast to bottle.  It’s a lot of work to get your child to learn to breastfeed, especially when he’s 4 weeks early, and I didn’t want to disrupt what we had worked so hard on. The nipples have up to 9 holes, just like a breast (I know, I was shocked to learn that too), making that transition from breast to bottle and back easy. Furthermore, the nipple is made with extra soft silicone to feel more like mom and moves flexibly to help my child stay latched onto the bottle.

Nuk Simply Natural

The nipples offer three different flow rates. My son has a bit of reflux and has been advised to slow down when drinking his bottles, so we’ve been using the slow rate. These have 3 nipple holes. But as he grows and his feeding habits change, I’m glad these bottles will be able to grow with him.  If you child has reflux, these bottles are great because there is an advanced anti-colic air system built in. This results in your child swallowing less air, minimizing the amount of spit up and gas. Best of all, because it is built in, there’s nothing extra to clean!

With these bottles, we’re still able to have our bonding time – I love when he tries to hold his on his own, or that quick chomp he makes on the bottle when he’s still hungry and ready for his supplement. I’m glad dad and his grandparents have been able to create their own memories too feeding him.

These bottles are available at Target and Walmart. In addition, for moms that are pumping, the NUK Simply Natural line also has Freemie® Collection Cups, hands-free pumping accessory that attaches to your pump so you can pump discreetly under your clothes (perfect for my mom friends who pump in the car!). The Freemie Collection Cups are also available at Target and Walmart.

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