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Good at Solving Puzzles? Try New York’s Paradiso

October 9, 2016

If you love solving puzzles and are looking for something suspenseful to do this Halloween, try Paradiso.

Last Friday night, my husband and two of our friends headed to Koreatown for the Paradiso experience (tickets are $50). We didn’t know too much going into it, except:

Unlike other escape the rooms that we’ve tried in the past, this one requested everyone’s cell phone numbers upfront. A week leading up to our experience, we received some interesting texts to pique our interest, and eventually clues.

When The New York Times called this experience a performance, they weren’t kidding. A man greeted us in a bar on 32nd street between 5th and 6th. He remained in character the entire time and wasn’t really in the mood to answer any of my questions.  Before getting started, he provided each of us an individual clue to use once inside.

We had to escape not one room, but a series of rooms. We all relied on our series of text clues to get us through the first room, but then tackled 3 other rooms. Along the way, someone was watching, with announcements over the intercom or parts of songs being replayed that you swore must be a clue, and actors being discovered in rooms every few minutes. paradiso_shot-5_caleb-sharp

And on top of it all, there were the puzzles. Some were math related, some had to be decoded using a key, some were crosswords. Our group of 7 unfortunately were unable to make it out within the 60 minutes.  We got caught up in the wording of a riddle, which made us lose the game. While I knew 4 of the 7 in our group, I’d recommend trying to get a full group of all your friends to do this experience. I feel like there may be a lot less of butting heads as everyone in your friend group would know their strengths.


We left Paradiso with our hearts still beating fast, talking about the clues and where we went wrong. It was a suspenseful night and we had a great time. If you are looking for an upleveled escape the room experience, check out Paradiso!

Disclosure: I received four complimentary tickets to Paradiso in exchange for my review. Despite receiving complimentary tickets, we still couldn’t escape. 


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  • Reply Christina November 16, 2016 at 11:48 am

    Your description of meeting actors along the way and trying to unravel the mysteries before you really paints an inviting picture. Gathering the appropriate sized group probably does have a large impact, as you shared.

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