12 Thoughts I Had During Episode 3 of Serial

December 28, 2015

Have you listened to Serial? Serial is a podcast from the creators of This American Life, and I became obsessed with it during the first season, when Serial reviewed the trial of a high school senior, accused of murdering his girlfriend.

As I mentioned when I posed some questions to episode 2 last week, season 2 debuted a few weeks ago, and I was so excited to begin listening to it and analyze every episode with my friends. This season is about Bowe Bergdahl, who had been a prisoner of the Taliban for 5 years. After President Obama announced his return to the U.S. in 2014, many began to call Bergdahl a traitor, claiming he walked away, and since the season started, it has been announced that Bowe is going to face a court-martial trial on desertion charges .

If you haven’t listened to Serial yet, you can do so at Serial Podcast, on Pandora and on iTunes. Here are 12 thoughts I had during the third episode! 

1. Sarah starts off the episode with an assessment from one of the guys who knows Bowe who calls him a fucking asshole for walking off. She then says this was the early assessment. Does this mean feelings change? I wonder if that will come in later episodes.

2. Has the stray voltage impacted these soldiers feelings of Bowe?
3. I’m dying to know what Bowe did all day when laying in these rooms. What did he think about? Was he able to sleep?
4. I am appalled that they asked if all American women were prostitutes. I wonder which movies and TV shows they are consuming to give this impression.
5. When these videos were made of Bowe, did intelligence understand that Bowe was reading the script?
6. And then Sarah talks about the moral code in the army. I can’t blame him – or anyone else – for being part of a propaganda video in order to stay alive.
7. I’m conflicted when Bowe says he lied about lagging behind and that’s how he got captured because he knew no one would believe it and it’d be a sign he was lying. It may have been a sign to the army that everything he was about to say is false, but as a civilian, I would have believed him – and everything else coming out of his mouth.
8. Has the army changed training procedures to teach soldiers how to survive in case captured?
9. Agree with Sarah that climbing out of window shows that Bowe wasn’t a Taliban sympathizer.
10. I was curious how he fell that much off a cliff without hurting himself. I’m surprised he was still able to crawl and scoot around after being in that much pain.
11. I am torn whether to hate him or like him – I know this is what Sarah does during Serial. As he is on the mountain looking at the American drones, he seems so helpless. I wonder how he had the energy to go on. Could you keep going? I know I wouldn’t be strong enough, and just would want to end it.
12. Who are these voices in the preview for episode 4? Who was treated so well? Can’t wait for the next episode!


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