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July 10, 2016

Since moving into our new house, we’ve mostly been trying to find a home for our old artwork and photos that were hanging in our apartment. But there’s one new item that I absolutely love – and I may have shown to everyone at our housewarming – a map of Astoria.

Astoria, Queens holds a very special place in my heart. It’s where we had our first date, it’s where we had our first apartment, it’s where we got engaged. I had been looking on Etsy for a map of Astoria for quite some time and didn’t find anything, but then I was introduced to GrafoMap.

GrafoMap lets you create a map of any city or neighborhood that you want. Simply type in any city and then you can zoom in (or out) to get the exact location of what you’d like framed.


I made sure to zoom in on the part of Astoria that included all of our favorite spots, including our first date spot, both of our apartments when we met, our home we shared together. For tagline, I included our wedding hashtag – plus, to get super sentimental, Astoria did build our love (awwww).

Next I was able to pick my style of map – I ended up going with the colorful version, but you can see all the choices at the image at the top of this post.

shot 6

I then ended up picking if I wanted my poster portrait or landscape. In just a few days, I received my map and then picked up a frame at A.C. Moore on sale to give my poster a finished look.

These were all real screenshots from my experience, but since I ordered last month, GrafoMap has added the option to purchase your map framed (great if you are shipping as a gift) and as a larger size (24×36). For the paper, unframed 18×24 option, it costs $49.

If it’s your first time using GrafoMap, there is a pop up that offers 10% off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter. Great for extra savings!

I love our GrafoMap and it is proudly hanging in our living room. I love that ours is aย reminder of where we – as a couple – came from, and where we called home for 6+ years.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary GrafoMap in exchange for this review. But for real – if you have been to my house, I probably pointed this out to you.ย 

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