Skinnygirl Snacks are Perfect for Eating Healthy on the Go

July 27, 2016

This post was sponsored by Skinnygirl as part of an Influencer Activation. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

There was something Bethenny Frankel said to me years ago at a Skinnygirl event. While I’m great at saving money, eating healthy – ehhh not so much. But she said your diet is like a bank account – if you are going to splurge, remember that you’ll have to save.

Since then, Skinnygirl has expanded from a cocktail to a brand with so many fantastic products that are perfect for on the go and make you feel like you are splurging, when you are actually saving. I mentioned on Facebook the other night that between work and home, it has been a little crazy and this blog has been taking a back seat.  And when things get crazy, so does the snacking – you throw something in your bag or in your desk drawer that has empty calories and you hope to survive on it. This is coming from the girl who has eaten a huge bag of oyster crackers from a local soup place for a 4pm lunch because I didn’t have time to step out.

What I like about Skinnygirl is they have products that taste indulgent, but without the guilt. I’m one who knows the guilt – you know what I’m talking about. All week you try to pass up M&Ms in the office, but 4pm hits one day, you crave chocolate, you stress eat and the next thing you know, you ate an 8 oz coffee cup worth of M&Ms (truth).  What I like about Skinnygirl is there are products like the Skinnygirl Belgian Dark Chocolate Bars: Pistachio Caramel so you get that chocolate you crave, but chocolates are individually wrapped and portion controlled for 100 calories – and the chocolate is all natural. No feeling guilty after you eat!

Bethenny Coffee

Skinnygirl has a range of products that can take you from morning to night and everywhere in between – and literally anywhere on the go. My husband and I enjoyed a cup of Skinnygirl American Espresso Roast, made from beans that are roasted darker to create that espresso taste. We commented that we really liked this cup of coffee, and felt it had a lot of flavor behind it, without tasting too dark. If you are concerned about the environment, these coffees are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified, meaning that where the coffees are sourced are managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria designed to conserve wildlife; safeguard soils and waterways; protect workers, their families and local communities.

Skinnygirl Snacks

I usually try to bring my lunch to work, and there are two things from Skinnygirl I’m sneaking into my lunchbox. First is not only the dark chocolate bars, but also some delicious Skinnygirl Milk Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt Toffee. Each individually wrapped package has 2 pieces, so the perfect amount to help with your chocolate cravings.

Another product perfect for the lunchbox? Skinnygirl Sparklers. I gave up soda about two years ago while I was reading a story on an airplane, while drinking a soda, about how bad soda is for you. Since then I’ve really cut back, but every now and then, I treat myself to one when I’m craving something sweet. I’ve tried to switch to Seltzer, but that flavor I crave isn’t entirely there. I tried the Black Raspberry flavor and Peach Passion Fruit, and I loved how much fruitiness these beverages have, thanks to 5% real juice, honey, and cane sugar. And again, I felt like I was indulging without the guilt – these beverages only have 5 calories!

Skinnygirl Mints

I also tried the Skinnygirl Sugar Free Lemon Lime Mints. The lemon lime taste was overpowering, and quickly took over any of that stale taste in my mouth – you know, that taste when you want to grab a mint. What I liked about these mints the most though was the packaging – I’ve been known to have mints float around the bottom of my purse. The packaging here allows you to easily share a mint with a friend, and with two closures, you can be sure these won’t dump out everywhere.

Skinnygirl Water Enhancers

My favorite product I tried though was the Skinnygirl White Cherry Water Enhancer, sweetened naturally with sugar and stevia. Simply add in a few drops to your water, and you feel like you have a whole new beverage. It has been so hot out and I’m trying to stay hydrated, and after awhile, I’ve been getting sick of drinking water. I’ve been keeping this Water Enhancer on my desk at work, and as I make my way on to my second bottle of water, I’ll add a drop for a whole new flavor.

Want to give these products a try? Find them near you!


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