5 Star Wars Gift Ideas, Curated by a Fan

December 15, 2016

Star Wars is a movie that means a lot to our family. Just like  Stella in How I Met Your Mother, I never saw any of the movies. Then, I met my husband. While I had no desire to see them, he insisted he wouldn’t propose until I got through the original trilogy. So slowly, I started watching them. While he ended up proposing before I saw The Return of the Jedi, you can better believe he had it on in the background during the proposal.

That story though is for another time. With Star Wars back in theaters tomorrow, I decided to ask my husband to look through his Star Wars collection and share his favorite Star Wars gifts – for adults. If you are looking for a Star Wars gift for a fellow fan, consider these:

I Love You I Know. My husband loves Legos and Star Wars. Yes, he is in his 30s. I found this on Etsy for our second anniversary and it has been one of my favorite presents I’ve ever given. We have had this in our bedroom ever since. Etsy, $57.28.

I am Your Son. Obviously, our child will watch Star Wars at a young age. We are so looking forward to this onesie being on of the first things he wears when we bring him home from the hospital. Ebay, $16.55.

Barf Vader. Any Star Wars onesie is perfect for a new dad. My husband can’t wait for our son to wear this one as well. Not so excited for the actual barfing. Etsy, $10.13.

Hans Solo Frozen in Carbonite. We received this ice tray years ago before we had an ice maker. Every time we had people over and needed to dip into this try for some ice, my husband was so excited to show off his ice cubes. The mark of a true fan. Think Geek, $9.99.

The Star Wars Cook Book: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes. We have not made anything from this cookbook yet, but we have it displayed on our bookshelf in the living room. For the Star Wars fan who likes to cook, this could be a great addition to their cookbook library. Amazon, $13.96.

Are you a Star Wars fan? What are your favorite Star Wars gifts?

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