How to Enjoy Your Staycation

August 8, 2016

In my younger years, I loathed the idea of a staycation. If I had the choice between taking the day off and staying home, or working, I would opt to work and save my days for a time where I could go somewhere.

But then this summer came around. We were supposed to go away for our anniversary, but it was difficult to take time off when I already had time scheduled off for August and it was costly to fly somewhere for just a few days. So we decided to have a staycation.

And it was the best decision we’ve made.

If you are thinking of taking a staycation, here are some of our staycation tips for having a fantastic time.

  1. Make a pact to live like you are on vacation: Before heading into our 3-day weekend, we agreed – no yardwork and no housework. While we never find ourselves home on the weekend, we weren’t going to take the time to tackle a project or decide to weed. And putting dishes in the dishwasher was completely optional.
  2. No cooking: Breakfast out and dinner out – that was a rule on our staycation. If we were going to have lunch, it was something simple – usually leftovers from the dinner the night before. We have not gone out to eat very much since moving up here, except for birthdays and special occasions, so it was fun to try Augie’s Prime Cut, a hibachi restaurant called Samurai, Thyme, a New American spot, Peekskill Coffee House, and of course, IHOP!
  3. Do a vacation activity: The best way to make a staycation feel like a vacation is to act like you are on a vacation! The way we did this was we made sure to hop in our pool every day. We never dedicate an entire day to the pool – usually we work in some pool time around our errand schedules. During our staycation, we made sure to sit outside for a few hours a day – I sat with a stack of magazines in hand, just like I would if I was on vacation at a resort. In addition to pool time, we made sure to play a few games of cards – something we did religiously on our honeymoon.
  4. Try something new: Vacations are usually memorable because you do something you haven’t done before. In Singapore we went to a fish spa. In Indonesia we rode elephants. In Bora Bora on our honeymoon we swam with sharks. What did I do for the first time in Northern Westchester on our staycation? I went to a yard sale. While my husband grew up going to sales, it was my first one and we got so many things for our home for less than $20. I may now be hooked!

Are you taking a staycation this summer? How do you enjoy your time off at home?


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