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Goodreads App Review

How to Remember the Books You’ve Actually Read

Let’s talk about how many times I’ve sat down to read a Jodi Picoult book and realized 40 pages in, “I think I’ve read this before.” Lately, that hasn’t happened. Why? On my honeymoon, I decided to keep track of all the books I…

November 2, 2016

Why I Loved The Girl You Left Behind

I am one to judge a book by its cover. Looks like the book is about historical fiction? Then I definitely don’t want to read it. But I recently fell in love with Jojo Moyes after reading Me Before You, so when I quickly…

July 26, 2016
Girl Underwater Review Tried Guide

Not Sure What to Read Next? Try Girl Underwater

I used to read at least a book a month, but I’ve slacked majorly over the past few months. I picked up a book on my way to jury duty back in September, and just never finished it. So when I found myself with…

May 11, 2016
New York

Gift Idea: 365 Guide New York City

If you are looking for a gift idea for someone new to the city or to give your money saving friend, consider 365 Guide New York City. I was sent a copy to review a few weeks ago, and was quite impressed with the book.…

October 15, 2015
Get Free Kindle and Nook Books -

How to Get Free Kindle and Nook Books: The Library

A few days ago, a friend was talking about her Kindle and how she was looking for more books for it, when I taught her a trick – the library. If you have a library card anywhere in the country, chances are you have…

July 2, 2015