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How to See if Your State Owes Money to You

Did you know that your state may be holding on to money in your name? Banks, cable companies, insurance companies, etc. are required to share information about dormant accounts to the state. While these companies will try to notify you, if you can’t be…

April 20, 2017

Join Me On My Money Saving Challenge for 2017

What are your resolutions this year? Every year, it feels like the same resolutions get tossed around. Work out more, eat healthier, get more sleep. Last year, I focused on making a few financial resolutions instead. Before I dive into my money saving challenge…

December 28, 2016

How to Combine Your Finances When You Move In

I was at work yesterday, thinking about our savings account, our credit card bills that we had to pay, when all of a sudden “The Ledger” came to me.  The Ledger was how my husband and I used to settle finances before we were…

March 22, 2016
Credit Card

How I Plan to Achieve My Financial Resolutions

So I’m clearly one of those bloggers that’s behind on the “here are my resolutions” posts. But I do have a legit reason! This year, I haven’t made any resolutions because I’m in the middle of moving – and figure there is no way…

January 14, 2016
Money-saving apps -

Save Money Easily with Digit App

Now that we’re married, my husband(!) and I are really focused on saving money so we can buy a house. We’ve been trying a ton of different money saving apps, and one of the ones I’ve really liked using is the Digit app that helps you save. Now…

September 20, 2015