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How to Save When Ordering Takeout Online

I’m loyal about some things – I’m a loyal customer to my Chinese restaurant and to my laundry mat – but when it comes to ordering dinner online, I’m all about getting a deal. Luckily, some of these food delivery websites offer you an incentive…

January 21, 2016
Gaudio's Astoria
New York

Try The Grandma Slice at Gaudio’s in Astoria

We’ve rarely been going out to dinner since we decided that we wanted to buy a home – every bit of savings counts. But with the move on the horizon, I have no motivation to cook, especially as more and more of my kitchen gets…

January 19, 2016
La Gringa Taqueria
New York

I’ll Have the Torched Nachos at La Gringa Taqueria

Last night, I met my friend Yael for dinner at La Gringa Taqueria in the West Village. If you are familiar with the name, the folks behind the restaurant had a food truck years back, but now have two locations, one in Williamsburg on Grand…

December 8, 2015
New York

Inside Google’s Cafeteria

Note: This is a post from my old blog that was originally published in May 2010. It’s a good one, so I couldn’t delete it! I’ve lived in NYC officially for two years and 11 months (as of May 18) and one day in…

July 21, 2015
Pazza Notte in NYC -
New York

Five Reasons Why Pazza Notte is My Girlfriend Go-To

Whether it’s getting together to celebrate an engagement, or just catching up with a girlfriend, Pazza Notte on 56th and 6th is my new girlfriend hangout. Here’s why (and thanks to my gal pal Wix for introducing me to this place!): 1). Two for…

June 24, 2015
New York

New Lunch Spot: EXKi on 28th and Madison

I’ve worked over on 30th and Park for a few years (and previously 32nd and Park), so was very excited when I saw a new spot pop up in the neighborhood – EXKi on 28th and Madison. It took me awhile though to make it…

June 7, 2015
New York

Try the Meatballs at fresh&co

I know, the title of this post sounds funny as you’d probably expect me to suggest trying the meatballs at an Italian restaurant (like a Luigi’s, Vincenzo’s) but I’ve been raving about these meatballs ever since I tried them right before Memorial Day. fresh&co recently partnered…

June 2, 2015
New York

My Favorite West Village Spot: Comodo

I know there have been a lack of reviews on the blog lately – I haven’t been going out to dinner nearly as much as I did a few years ago, and when I do, it’s to my old favorites. When my client came…

May 28, 2015