What Do You Know About Your Neighbors? The New Neighbor Review

June 9, 2016

When it comes to my neighbors, I know nothing about them. If any of you live in Northern Westchester and are reading this blog, you could be my neighbor for all I know.

But what if you were an elderly woman, living in the mountains, and your excitement is watching other people? What if someone new moved in and you thought this could solve the problems of your loneliness? But what if that new neighbor who moved in is escaping her past and won’t open up – and you’ll do anything to get her to expose her secrets?

If you are intrigued, this is the premise of Leah Stewart’s The New Neighbor.  This book was a little bit of a mystery/thriller, weaving in the point of view from two different characters. And frankly, the editorial reviews on Amazon said it best – it will remind you of the Hitchcock movie, Rear Window.

The book was a page turner, as I became interested in figuring out what the new neighbor, Jennifer, did in her past life that she was running away from, but also was curious to how manipulative the elderly woman, Margaret, would be to learn her story. While Margaret tells her own story in order to get Jennifer to share hers, I found her story to be a bit predictable, but there were some twists and turns in her history that I didn’t see coming.

When it came to rating the book on the app Goodreads, an app that helps you keep track of what you read, connect with fellow readers and discover new books, I gave it a 3 out of 5. Why? I felt it was a page turner when I was reading it, but it wasn’t enough of a page turner that I felt like I needed to drop everything and read the moment I got on the subway or read it over my stack of magazines – let’s be honest, it took me about 5 weeks to finish. However, if I was going on a beach vacation where reading was on the agenda the whole week, I would have been happy to have it in my beach bag for entertainment..

I wasn’t alone in my review – after I posted it, I noticed reviewers on Amazon rated the book a 3.4 and on Goodreads a 3.3 If you are on Goodreads, connect with me and check out my other book reviews on Tried Guide.

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