3 TV Shows to Add to Your Netflix List

March 23, 2017
what to watch on netflix this month

Don’t ask me what planet I was living on, but I thought on my maternity leave I’d have time to tackle projects. Maybe order our wedding photos. Finally frame photos in our home. Finally get to organizing a closet. Make some of those recipes that have been on my Pinterest account for years.

It has been 8 weeks, and all I have to show for it is an organized junk drawer and a back hall closet. And a kid of course that I managed to keep alive. Besides that, I’ve managed to clean out my DVR and finally watch the shows I’ve added to my list on Netflix, years ago.

If you aren’t sure what to watch on Netflix, here are some of my recommendations!

If You Like Legal Dramas…Try American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson 

I was 9 years old during the trial of the century. While I remember the big moments, like “if the glove don’t fit” and the verdict reading, this was an eye opener to all the details of what really went on during the trial. Several of my friends have watched the series as well, and we’ve found ourselves swapping facts of what we learned.  For instance, I always thought O.J. was driving the Bronco during the chase – I had no idea he was just a passenger. I found myself Googling facts about the trial after watching the show – like “Marcia Clark + Chris Darden + date.”

Available to stream on Netflix 

After watching The People v. O.J. Simpson, I couldn’t get enough, so watched the documentary O.J.: Made in America from ESPN. This is a five-part series, with each part being about 2 hours long. To be fair, I skipped the first two parts – the first was about his football career, the second set up the racial tensions during the time  – and went straight to the trial. Parts three and four highlight the trial, with the fifth explaining why O.J. currently is in prison. Marcia Clark, Mark Furman, and more faces from the trial gave commentary throughout.

Available to stream via ESPN

If You Like Musicals…Try Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

One of my friends said it best: I never thought to watch this show because of the title. I thought it would be a teen show, like Gossip Girl. After seeing a friend rave about it on Facebook, I thought I’d give it a try, and I managed to stream the first season in a matter of days. The premise is an unhappy lawyer runs into her ex-boyfriend from her summer camp days on the streets of New York. He’s moving back to California and suggests that if she’s ever in the area, to give him a call. In crazy ex-girlfriend fashion, she picks up her life and immediately moves to his town. What I love about the show is that there are at least two musical numbers per episode – from old school broadway music reboots, to 90s grunge. Without giving anything away, here are some of my favorites!

…And for Music Man fans!

Available to Stream on Netflix 

If You Like Comedies…Try Parks and Rec

I was a huge fan of The Office, so when my husband suggested we watched Parks and Rec, I was excited to give it a try. It has a similar feel and shows the inner workings of a local government branch, the parks department, and the relationships between those working within the department. While I didn’t love the last season, the show ended up being one of my favorite comedy series to date.

Available to Stream on Netflix

Alright, I’m home for a few more months! Tell me – what else should I be streaming?

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