Why You Should Get Renters Insurance

August 30, 2015
Must Have - Renters Insurance -

Not to take the blog to negative town today, but I wanted to share a reminder of why you should get renter’s insurance. I had put it off for years, but in the end I am so glad I decided to purchase it because you never know when you might need it.

I invested in renters insurance back in 2011 – I went to a Zumba class with my friend Hailey in the afternoon on a Saturday, and she introduced me to a friend during the class. A few days later I was chatting with Hailey when she mentioned the girl we met had her apartment broken into while we were working out. That set the wheels in motion for me to look into renters insurance. It was pretty easy to sign up, and I just answered a few questions about my apartment (are there fire alarms? how many rooms? etc). I was able to get it through my employer – we have a discounted program through MetLife.

Fast forward to September 2013. I had left for work that morning, locked the door, and got a call in the afternoon from my at the time boyfriend (now husband) that our apartment was broken into. Luckily none of us were hurt, but our bedroom was ransacked, my laptop stolen, and all the wonderful photos from college, study abroad, the last 12 years were stolen – because of course they were on an external hard drive that was taken too. I was able to use my renters insurance to get reimbursed for the items lost, but still am SO upset I never thought to back up photos online. It was just one of those projects that I thought I’d get to one day.

While we were the only one broken in to our building that day, we’re not the only ones. We heard from a friend who had a similar situation happen to her, and she lives about 20 blocks away, and coverage in the news that followed showed a spree of this happening in Astoria.

No matter where you live, I highly recommend getting renters insurance because you never know if this will happen to you. You might want to check with your employer too to see if there’s an insurance company that they are affiliated – as I mentioned, mine is affiliated with Metlife, so my payment comes directly out of my paycheck. Other helpful tips include:

  • Get curtains for your window, and keep them closed when not home.
  • Get a second lock on your door, where only you and your roommates have the keys.
  • Go to the hardware stores and get a dowel on the window – know your measurements of the top half of your window, and they can cut it for you – this makes it harder for criminals to break in because they can’t open the window.
  • I don’t care what floor you live on – shut and lock your window when not home! We were on the 4th floor, and they were able to climb in through the fire escape.
  • If you have a lot of valuables, take photos of them so cops can identify your missing items if they do get stolen. It was hard to think of what was actually in my jewelry box when a whole box was missing, so if you have a lot of jewelry, consider cataloging it.

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